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Shower oils & creams

Thanks to their ultra-gentle cleansing base and combination of natural oils and butters, Rogé Cavaillès shower creams and oils are kind to even the most delicate skin. After showering or bathing, skin remains soft, moisturized, and better protected from drying out.

Shower oils & creams

Bewitching fragrances and unique textures to make showering a real treat.

Satiny Shower Oil
Shea Butter & Magnolia Shower Cream
Almond & Rose Shower Cream
Velvety Bath & Shower Oil


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Shower Creams, Shower Oils: for a cocooning moment in the shower.

An enjoyable shower, an indispensable part of daily life.
As we know, enjoyment is first and foremost a question of hormones. The feel-good hormones in our body are called endorphins. These chemicals are secreted when we are in love and when we are exercising, laughing or eating delicious food, but also when we pleasantly stimulate our skin! By taking care of yourself, massaging yourself or enveloping yourself in things that feel nice, even for a few minutes, endorphins are released, and with them a feeling of enjoyment!

Shower Creams, Shower Oils: how make caring for sensitive skin enjoyable?

Taking care of sensitive skin means using effective, high-tolerance cleansers. Rogé Cavaillès goes even further: the brand now offers formulas enriched with natural oils and Surgras agents, combined with feel-good ingredients. With their irresistible textures, delicious fragrances and sparkling colors, Rogé Cavaillès products make showering more enjoyable! Because we believe this is important, Rogé Cavaillès offers delicate skin the finest skincare products that are also rich in sensory appeal, thanks to their unique textures and fragrances.

Rogé Cavaillès brings you products you can trust, along with new sensations that make showering a real feel-good experience.

The Rogé Cavaillès Shower Creams and Shower Oils, designed to awaken the senses, make time stand still in the shower and make showering a real treat. Embark on an intoxicating journey with subtle fragrances and feel-good-all-over textures… The body relaxes and the mind is at ease!

A word of caution – don’t overdo it! The Cavaillès cocooning ritual can actually become addictive!